Submission Rules

Once Upon a Fandom Rules and Submission Guide

Mission Statement

Once Upon a Fandom (OUaF) is an archive for Fanfiction that welcomes stories from the Twilight, Hunger Games, and Harry Potter fandoms as well as related RPF works. Our goal is to host quality works that display the various styles and subjects in fiction writing. Stories posted will meet a defined level of grammar, punctuation, and style, as well as overall craftsmanship.


OUaF is staffed by volunteers who love the fandoms hosted on the site, love writing, and love to help authors become better writers. All stories submitted will be reviewed for approval by the Mod Squad; a group of "betas" and pre-readers. Stories will be selected by each Mod based on which stories they wish to take on. Because our Mod Squad have different preferences and tastes, all stories will be accommodated (i.e. picked up) provided they meet the approval process. We do reserve the right to make subjective decisions about submissions. We will do our best to accept stories that meet our criteria, however, we also reserve the right to say reject stories where we've seen the idea too many times and the story seeking approval offers nothing new to be read. Additionally, we reserve the right to simply say, "We're not interested."

Submission Guidelines


When submitting a story to OUaF, the first three chapters will be reviewed by a Mod for content, story, punctuation, grammar, spelling, and other items related to submission guidelines. This is done so the Mod has a feel for the story, writing style, grammar, and content. If after three chapters, the Mod feels the story is in compliance with site rules and guidelines, as well as grammar, the story will be placed on auto validation. This means as soon as the story is submitted to the site, it will be posted, live on the site, and no longer waiting for review.

If you are an author whose works are published on AO3 or, please see Auto Validation for other posting options.

Rules for Submitting RPF - Any Fandom

1. Provide proper summary for story INCLUDING RPF actor name in Summary Description Box.

2. Select RPF-Male or RPF - Female from Character list, as well as Original Character, if needed.

3. Include disclaimer, I.E. Don't know them, no harm intended - or similiar

4. Select proper fandom with the - RPF label.

5. Adhere to all other submission guidelines.

Posting Stories and Author Responsibility

OUaF is a post at your own risk site. You are free to submit any related work you have written - provided it falls within the site rules. Please note: you, as the author, are responsible for the content, plot, and storyline that you post. Anything offensive or risqu content/material you post is open to any and all comments. Those repercussions fall on you, the author, and you alone.


This site will focus on all shipping, including slash pairings. Since there are many ways to ship, there are many stories to tell.

Any story submitted in which our shipping policy is violated will be rejected and may not be resubmitted unless that element has been removed from the entire story. If a multi-chapter story is found to violate our shipping policy after acceptance, all chapters of the story will be deleted from the site.


All stories posted on OUaF must fall into at least one category. Multiple categories will be accepted provided the story falls within the multiple listings. For example: If your story covers the gap between The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, the story should be marked with both categories. If your story is based in Breaking Dawn, but isn't canon, it should be marked as Breaking Dawn and AU.

The Mod Squad reserves the right to change the rating on any story at any time, if deemed necessary.

Once Upon a Fandom hosts stories with ratings from G to NC-17. (Please see our Ratings Guidelines for more specific information about ratings categories.) If you are writing an R or NC-17 story, please try to make your characters of legal age (18 years).

The Mod Squad may change a rating on any story at any time, if deemed necessary.

Story Standards

All stories posted must follow common rules of grammar

Story Acceptance Policy

v All stories posted on OUaF will need to have gone through the beta process. This means they need to have been looked at by a qualified beta. OUaF Mods will not beta stories being considered for submission. Please see Submission Guidelines for more information about the submission review process.

v Acceptance and Rejection/Error : If your story is between 1- 5 errors per 1,000 words, it will be accepted; 6 - 10 errors per 1,000 your story will be considered for acceptance provided you are able and willing to work on your issues with your beta. A beta will send your submission back to you with your first 10 errors listed so you can see them.; 11 or more errors your story will be rejected.

Once a story is accepted, it will be subjected to Mod's review and corrections before posting. This means, it will be reviewed for errors before posting and if needed, the author will need to make corrections before validation will occur.

v You will receive an email once your story has been either accepted or rejected. We will provide limited details with the rejection letter to explain why your story was rejected, but we will not provide a true beta service and return a document with errors highlighted or on track changes.

v Rejections may not be appealed. Rejected stories may be resubmitted only after they have been revised in accordance with suggested improvements or corrections. Any resubmission that has not made corrections will be rejected. Repeat offenses will result in accounts being frozen.

**In the future, OUaF will offer traditional beta services; however, it will be through our beta service group and will not be done by the Mod Squad.

Inappropriate Content

OUaF does not accept submissions that deal with incest (outside of the adopted canon nature of the Cullen family, but then only in AU and Canon fics), pedophilia, necrophilia (outside of Twilight Canon and AU stories), and any story with racial intolerance, or rape as titillation.

Stories that involve a romantic relationship between characters when non-consensual sex occurred are not allowed.

In RPF (Real Person Fiction), drug use of any kind is not allowed.

Any story with student/professor relationships or tribute/mentor relationships (unless student or tribute is of legal age, i.e. 18 years old) will be rejected.

And story rejected due to one of these will not be accepted without rewrites.

Any other literary work that is not the creation of the author must have proper credit given in the story notes or end notes.

Story titles, summaries, and usernames cannot contain profanity. Banners for stories must be PG-13.

Unacceptable Content

Poetry and lyrics as stand-alone fics will not be accepted.

Warnings and Disclaimers within Stories

Stories dealing with extreme violence, non-cons, and extreme sexual fetishes are subject to Mod Squad approval, and may be declined if not deemed appropriate. If declined, they are not eligible for resubmission.

Proper warnings and disclaimers will need to be posted in both the summary and in the chapter notes (for ever chapter in which extreme situations occur), and must be prominent. If they are not included, the Mod will edit the summary and chapter notes as needed to reflect any and all necessary warnings.

Mod Squad/Story Posting Team

v All authors wishing to post on OUAF will undergo a review process by a member of the Mod Squad. The Mod Squad is comprised of individual who have experience and knowledge of writing and rules of grammar.

v Mod Squad members will review submitted works, and will work with authors to clean up errors, plot points, grammar, and catch typos, as well as correct format issues - should their work be accepted. Mod Squad members reserve the right to post an author's story after corrections are made on the author's end or contact the author of more extensive work needs to be done. Additionally, Mod Squad members reserve the right to reject chapters if they feel the amount of work needed to post the chapter is excessive. So the cleaner a chapter is, the faster it can be posted.

v Any changes made to a story after it has been posted will be in violation of site policy. If you feel that something in your story has been wrongly changed or the change has an impact on future events or character, and/or plot development, you should contact you Mod to work it out.

v Posting Mod's generally won't change over the course of posting a story. However, since we all deal with real life, there may come a time when a Mod has to step down or have another Mod assigned. Of course, as mentioned, if an author feels their working relationship with their validation Mod isn't working, they may request a new Mod, as well. And of course, an author reserve the right to stop posting and delete any posted story on OUaF.

v Note: Every chapter must meet our standard. Acceptance of a story doesn't guarantee that all chapters will be approved if they fail to meet OUaF standards.

Publishing of Stories:

Change of Policy

Policies and guidelines are effective immediately and apply to all site users, as well as all stories. Please note policies can change at any time and stories posted on the site before the new changes will be grandfathered. All new stories will be subjected to the new polices and guidelines.

*These policies and guidelines are subject to change without notice.

October 2012

Once Upon a Fandom Guidelines adapted from:

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